Beach Party VS Beach Party

Spin recently posted an article about Los Angeles garage surf rock band Beach Party. Upon listening to the their track “Can’t Surf”, I immediately needed more. But, when I googled Beach Party, I found South African surf rock band Beach Party. So, today is Battle of the Beach Partys. Enjoy.

Beach Party (Los Angeles)

Los Angeles based Beach Party just released a free two-song set, composed of “Can’t Surf” and “Fun”. Both songs are killer, straight forward baby punching surf rock with a garage bite. “Can’t Surf” is great beach song, and for a clumsy goon like myself, who could never learn to surf, it hits home. It starts with a nice stroll down the boardwalk, a slow trotting guitar with psychedelic flair, but just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, “I CAN’T SURF!!” tears a chunk out of you. In addition to their kick-ass sound, this band has a heavy-hitter Ty Segall in their corner. Segall, a garage rock god at this point, record the two songs, and if his name on it doesn’t make it gold, then just give them a listen. You can also download all of their tracks for free, what swell gentlemen.

Also, like Beach Party on Facebook.

Beach Party (Cape Town)

Beach Party is surf rock band from South Africa? There are beaches in South Africa, so I guess surf rock music just belongs there. Anyways, Beach Party is from Cape Town, South Africa, and that’s all I can really be sure of. According to their Facebook page they have released nine albums, co-created the genre of heavy metal music, and have sold over 300 million albums… who knew? The only thing I can know for sure about Beach Party, is they rule. This Beach Party seems to have a poppier approach to surf rock, Danny Video’s vocals are really light and catchy over these tunes. It just makes you feel like dancing. I’m dancing while writing this review.

You can download Beach Party’s new album For Now We Are Young for free on their Soundcloud.

Who is the King of the Beach?

So which Beach Party parties harder? Well that’s up to you. Listen to the music, download it if you like, like them on Facebook, and let me know. It’s not really a battle, both these bands are great and they are nice enough to give us music for free. Thanks for reading, and please subscribe.

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