Hometown Heroes: Decades in Spain

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. I love hearing local Orlando talent, and seeing them live. Today we have Decades in Spain. If you’re a fan of Deftones, Joy Division, Savages, or all three, please read on. Enjoy.

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Posty Punky, Alternative, Indie Rock music

Decades in Spain is four-piece rock outfit from right here in beautiful Orlando. They’ve been doing their thing since 2012, and recently released their self-titled EP. Decades in Spain is classified as somewhat alternative, somewhat post-punk. Musically they seem to take influence from that 70’s Joy Division scene, but with a smidgen of Deftones (a modern day comparison could be drawn to Savages).

Throughout the EP, Decades in Spain guitarists Marc Hernandez and Alex Langfur layer their songs with dark and punchy melodic guitar harmonies that remain forever fluid. Different guitar tones are utilized, helping to keep the EP interesting. There are numerous instrumental breaks where the boys showcase their stuff, and although they can be a little daunting, they never come off forced.

Chris Marques (bass, vocals) and Mike “The Sawmill” (drums) form a tight rhythm section, creating a solid canvas for the Hernandez and Langfur to paint all over. This is best demonstrated on “Sixty,” the EP’s opener. The drums on the track are after my heart; I’ve always been a huge fan of fast closed hi-hat. That, paired with a thumping bass line, sends the urgency pouring out my speakers.

The vocals on the song are in a half sung, half spoken style, typical of the sounds influencing Deacades in Spain. Marques’ lyrics are reminiscent of the current emo-revival movement. I’m reviewing the new You Blew It! album right now, and the juxtaposition between the  two band’s lyrics is interesting. On future Decades in Spain releases, I would like to hear some screaming to break up the sometimes lesser interesting vocal melodies.

If you live in the Tampa area and like what you hear, Decades of Spain is playing at West End Trading Co. in March. Also in March, stay tuned for new music from these guys. I’m excited to see where they go in the future. L8R.

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