30 Days to Bonnaroo: The Orwells

Welcome to The Vinyl Warhol’s Countdown to Bonnaroo. If you’re attending Bonnaroo, or any music festival this summer, then you know the vitality of making an air tight schedule. With well over a hundred acts taking one of 13 stages, you’re bound to (or should I say “Bound 2,” ‘cuz Yeezus) see an artist or a artist or band you have little-to-no knowledge of. Well The VW is here to help you find some great talent to fit into that schedule. I’ll be previewing a new act with their set time/place for the next 30 days leading up to Bonnaroo. Welcome friends, we’re “Bound 2” have many adventures. Enjoy.

The Orwells – Friday, June 13, 5:20 P.M. – New Music on Tap Lounge 

Similar Bonnaroo Sounds: Ty Segall, Those Darlins, Cage the Elephant

If you like noisy, cheerful, engaging garage rock music with pop hooks, then I suggest you check out The Orwells. Their debut full-length Remember When came out in 2012, but the group really started making waves last year with the EP, Who Needs You. Now is the perfect time to see them, right as their starting to come up, before they explode (perhaps literally). Their set ends at 6:20 p.m., so if you’re seeing Vampire Weekend or CHVRCHES at 7:30, you’ll have apt time to get a decent spot. If you need further verification from The Orwells, take a peak at their performance on Late Show with David Letterman. See you tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “30 Days to Bonnaroo: The Orwells

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