Hometown Hereos: ButterQueen

It’s 12:30. ButterQueen are performing at Will’s Pub. They’re playing The Clash, but not literally. I say they’re playing The Clash, because in this humble man’s opinion, tonight ButterQueen are the only band that matters. Enjoy.

Orlando’s Frankenstein’s Monster is sleazier than ever

So I saw ButterQueen last night. As always, they were a thrill to see. The connection between the members Jordan, Susana, and Phil feels incredibly organic. They speak to each other like old chums, cracking jokes and taking shots. This authenticity is what ButterQueen is all about; three friends making  music about the town they love, for the town they love. Make yourself comfortable. You’re at home with ButterQueen.

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The band recently did a radio session with WMNF. It’s awesome!!

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