Hometown Heroes: Bellows

On the couch, sipping tea with the smell of incense in the air: this is how I experienced the new sounds of Orlando experimental folk rock three-piece Bellows, and if you choose to listen for yourself, I suggest you immerse your ears in a similar environment. A constant influx of rain on your bedroom window also helps. Enjoy.


Bellows is a band whose sound shapes its own atmosphere. Every element is a contributing factor to the overall mood of the music. Greyson Charnock’s vocals are a sonic wind expanded to gothic heights by heavy reverb, and his guitar work flows through each song with a voice of its own; its melodies are light on the ears and trail through a journey that’s a joy to follow.

Drummer Sean Boyle and bassist/pianist Patrick Dunn create a soft thunder that anchors Bellows’ songs firmly to the ground. Without the two’s crucial foundation, Charnock’s airy pieces would simply float away.

In 2012, the band released their debut EP, Hide or Seek. The follow-up Day Changer came earlier this year and features a tighter sound with more polished production. This clearer sound elevates the recordings to the same prestige as Bellow’s live show.

Speaking of live shows, Bellows is currently on tour and will be playing The Space this Friday with SWIMM and FayRoy. Check more dates below!

 Oct 3 – The Space, Orlando w/ SWIMM & FayRoy

Oct 4 – Plan B Festival – Ybor City, Florida

Oct 31 – Orlando Halloween Party w/ Pathos, Pathos & friends

Nov 7 – Saint Augustine, TBA

Nov 8– The Loft, Columbus, Georgia

Nov 15– Wills Pub, w/ The Dig (SF)

Dec 19 – The Space, Orlando Relief in Abstract presents: Bellows w/ Case Work

Dec 31 – New Years Party, The Animal House, Orlando

Jan 24 – Orlando TBA (day Fest)

Feb 14 – St. Petersburg, Fl, Attic Records presents: WhigFest

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