The Five Most Important Quotes In Music History (kinda)

This post was going to be a list of deeply meaningful quotations by musicians; but during my research, I concluded that Chicago MC Kanye West’s tweets trump them all. Have you ever taken the time to read Kanye West’s twitter feed? It’s a treat. He’s like the R.L. Stine of 140 characters or less. Here are five awesome Kanye tweets. Enjoy.

Note: Ye deletes his twitter a lot, so some of these tweets won’t appear on his current feed.

If you are a fan of lists containing interesting facts about music – obviously, ones containing more intellectual value – I suggest you check out Musicology 101. They’ll be sure to get your rocks off. You perverts.

1. Kanye West – always smiling

2. A promotional tweet for Ye’s new sex tape


3. Bebas Neue gets me every time.


4. Kanye is requesting right-ins

5. Yeezus should spend a little more time in bike stores.


6. Bonus Round: Water Bottle Responsibility


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