Stuyedeyed (Brooklyn, NY ) added to WE ARE ANIMALS

If you’ve been boycotting us over the last few weeks, or just never liked us to begin with, then WE ARE ANIMALS probably means nothing to you. And that’s fine. I’m not really a fan of this site’s output either. But, WE ARE ANIMALS is our first show (3/21 @ The Space), featuring Witch Kings, Tiger Fawn, Pasty Cline, Pathos, Pathos and – just added – Brooklyn psychedelic savants, Stuyedeyed. If you’d like to become a more informed consumer, read more into WE ARE ANIMALS and RSVP. Enjoy.

It’s a great surprise to have Stuyedeyed on board with this show. They’re coming into Orlando a little sooner than they expected – they have another show on 3/22 – and were looking for a place to play. So, take a minute and melt into the lava-esque sounds flowing through their debut album Birth, and come see them close out The Space. I say the more the merrier. What do you think?

One thought on “Stuyedeyed (Brooklyn, NY ) added to WE ARE ANIMALS

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