On Tour with Me Chinese: Day 2 (Dino, Sweat Records, Jamie the Jeweler)

If the concept of Day 2 doesn’t make sense to you, I suggest you go read Day 1.

Day two was a monster. A LOT of shit happened, so much so that we had double the photos we had of day 1. So here’s everything that happened on Friday, minus the madness that happened International Noise Conference. You’ll have to wait until next week for that. But today, get ready to meet Dino Felipe, a variety of wildlife, and Jamie The Jeweler. Enjoy.


“Okay, so here’s a little cat pee puddle.” – Dino Felipe

I wake up after noon on Friday. We hadn’t gotten to our temporary homestead until like 4:00 a.m., and the hours after involved the violent screaming off a mother dog attacking its child. Needless to say, when I awoke I wasn’t really sure where I was or what lay beyond the small room I shared with Karina and Kyle.

Our room was bright with blues, pinks, and bright greens. Trinkets were everywhere, walls filled with clocks, pictures, and in one case (see pictures) a pink wig still in the package(?).We are lodgers at the home of Dino Felipe. I love Dino. Here is my attempt at explaining this beautiful soul through notes I quickly spewed onto my laptop:

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.35.51 PM


Seriously, Dino one of the nicest, most complex people I’ve ever met. He makes you feel great, and I’m eternally grateful that him and his mother welcomed us into their home. I had Cuban coffee every morning! It was incredible!

And the beautiful Miami home that we were lucky enough to share, it was like a living jungle. An ecosystem all its own, La Casa De Felipe is home to dogs (like 7-9), cats (tons of cats!), parrots, and a lush backyard full of beautiful foliage. Around every corner, a half-finished project adds to the creative atmosphere. Painted mannequins, colorful tiled mosaics, and beautiful furniture create our temporary paradise.


Matt Kamm told me how him and his wife met. It was a fairly cathartic experience.

He really cares for the guys. He cares for everyone. Matt is a nurturer. He believes in this band.




We can play games for people who like to play games.

Concerned music consumer from the show at Respectables: “Who decided ‘me chinese’ was a good idea for a band name?

Kyle: “Who thought it was a good idea to name a human ______?”

Matt: “It was unanimous.”

After lunch, we drive into Miami. Me Chinese is playing the International Noise Conference, a week-long event taking place Churchill’s Pub, where a variety of acts from all over the world come to play one of three stages. We get there like five hours before the event starts, so we hit up a neighboring record store/coffee shop, Sweat Records.

Wanting to experience the local cuisine, Matt, Kyle, Karina, and I stop in a Taco Bell for some authentic “food.” During a conversation about Taco Bell’s “Will you marry me?” hot sauce packets, a voice breaks in saying, “I think getting married at Taco Bell is the best thing that could happen to someone.” Since this is the first time I’ve ever experienced such truth, I prod this figure for more info. His name is Jamie. And he is a jeweler. He is also a goon.



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