On Tour with Me Chinese: Day 2.5 (International Noise Conference)

If you’re just now joining us, catch up with Day 1 and Day 2.

The International Noise Conference was the trip’s highest high point. The energy that filled Churchill’s that night was magical. The entire atmosphere was cathartic, and the crowd felt like one unbelievably juiced machine. Me Chinese was a last minute add-on, and being one of the only “rock bands” playing, they were freaks among freaks. People, this is living. Enjoy.


Cheers to the freakin’ weekend.


INC Drink Tally:

Kyle: 2 drinks
Ben: 1 shot + 3 beers
Artie: 1 shot + 3 beers
Matt: 1 drink + 2 beers
Me: 2 very strong beers (I’m a light-weight)
Karina: same
Dino: ALL


INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE: Orlando needs this!! Three different stages, all with a decent to full-sized crowd. Everyone is tipsy (see drink tally). Me Chinese is taking the stage after a man who attempted to strangle a flute. This isn’t a band… it’s a circus.

Freaks. Strangers. Couples making out on the dance floor. Take note Orlando.

Me Chinese killed it at International Noise Conference. They blew through their set with ease, and did so with the incredible spark of life. Matt Kamm was shirtless, wearing nothing but an open fur coat – which was quickly discarded – and short shorts. People danced. Beer was thrown. Matt jumped into the crowd. Things could not have been better.


I have a rule: once a mosh pit gets to a certain level of drunkenness, I don not participate in said mosh pit. I broke that rule tonight.


I’m on tour. And it feels awesome.



Karina drunk photography?

Dino: “You’re the one who freaked me out, because I thought you were a tree.”


Justin is here! He’s got a sweet stache. He gave me a beer. I like Justin.

It’s an honor to know Justin. From the moment I met him, he has been nothing but warm and caring. I’m so glad he was able to join us in Miami because the tour would not have been the same without him. Karina told me that Justin said he never gets sad, because he doesn’t see the point in not enjoying life. I probably butchered his actual quote, but I hope you get the point. This is a very special person.


Karina Trippin’ Fartography

IMG_0972 (1)


INC mask wearing Predator-esque guy climbed up on the bar. He almost step on my, Dino’s and Matt’s shots and pranced around saying things like:

“I’m on the bar”
“This is a weird thing to happen at a show.”

Art is weird.

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