On Tour with Me Chinese: Skinny-Dipping at Miami Beach (Day 4)

Boy, we’ve been through a lot. But, we’ve reached the end of tour, and we’re finishing this shit out strong. Day 3.5 picks back up at Kill Your Idols with Me Chinese’s last set of the tour. The lighting at the bar was horrible, so Karina finished off the disposables capturing the boys’ playing at their drunkest. That, combined with some equipment failure, made for a pretty shaky performance. But, fuck it. This is touring. Enjoy.

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KYI Drink Tally:

Artie: 2 shots + 3 beers + 2 drinks
Matt: (laughs) breakfast started @ 1
Rachel: 3
Ben: some?
Kyle ? > some
Justin: 4 tequilas “I love tequila”
Me: 1 tequila OJ

Have you every interviewed a drunk Swedish guy with a microphone that’s not plugged in? I have.


As a drummer, no one is better than Kyle. He plays with so much furry. He also swings his hair around with much fervor, while always cracking a huge grin.


Last night, I met Miami-based electronic artist, Otto Von Schirach. The brothers in Me Chinese recognized him at Dueces in South Beach. Dressed in a muscle shirt, an animal pelt hat, and gold grills, this stocky wild man was nothing but welcoming and loving. Matt Kamm referred to him as “a hero.”

Otto Von Schirach is a remarkable person. Not only was he dressed to kill; Otto welcomed us into his band of merry folk, arms wide, waiting to hug. Matt was awestruck. He was giddy like a kiddy meeting Buzz Lightyear for the first time. What ensued was probably illegal, at least for the man with his pen15 out. *I ain’t no rat* 


At 5 a.m., this Motley Crue mad its way onto the cold sand of South Beach. Homebase was  a lifeguard stand, and our uniforms were tired eyes and a life being lived. Then, the unit stormed the beach and headed into the frigid waves. The night’s experience was a combination of an Ernest Hemingway monologue and the best fucking Miley Cyrus video you’ve never seen.

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