WAITRESS - "Julia Resistance"

WAITRESS – “Julia Resistance”

WAITRESS spent the first half of 2015 playing shows around Orlando. Then, the band went into hiding — at least from playing live — because during the second half of the year we only heard from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Patrick Walsh, who released a slew of solo work under the name. A collection of songs grew on Soundcloud. A couple more surfaced earlier this year; but now, almost all of them have been taken down.

I was fortunate to be one of only a handful people to hear the final package of last year’s one-man songs, the oh-so dreamy Sleepwalker. It’s a hazy, lo-fi release, full of songs that are at times dismal. This is why “Julia Resistance” blindsided me so much. The instrumentation on our first taste of their upcoming debut, Recent Memory, is a jangly indie rock tune with a bright and catchy chorus sung by surprise guest, Christina Bowers. Her and Walsh, perhaps long lost lovers(?), sing of reconnecting after an extended hiatus. We hear their inner struggles as they wrestle with the eventual meeting.

I knew you then
Will I know you now?
Am I still the same?

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