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just some songs. (3/24/16)

I tend to ramble when talking/writing about music. My mouth and hands move at “gotta-go-fast” speeds, and I don’t stop until every thought is dispensed. With “just some songs.” I attempt to break the streak and keep things tight and brief. If you’d like to have your music featured in the next edition, email me (matt@thevinylwarhol.com) and I’ll have a listen. All genres are welcome. Soundcloud is my preferred platform (it’s prettier). Enjoy.

Mr. 3 — “Sight For Sore Eyes” (ft. Palmer Reed & Emily Rawlins) (Produced by FIONA)

The Don of the Pizza Posse is readying his second album and “Sight For Sore Eyes” is our first glimpse of what’s to come. This is a smooth first single with many interesting parts moving at once; vocal samples break up verses while an electric guitar, reminiscent of Kanye’s “Devil in a New Dress,” roars in the background. The hook features the crooning of Palmer Reed, who sends the song soaring into R&B bliss. You’d think Mr. 3 would fall back into this big production, but he doesn’t. His flows are confident and quick. He raps about love and girls and contemplates taking on someone else’s child as his own. The Black Bottom will hopefully be out sometime soon.

Transcendental Telecom — “Cotton Tail”

“Cotton Tail” is part of a split single with Gainesville band, Endless Pools. It’s an all-around hazy time with Transcendental Telecom, as guitars crash against each other and cool light vocals breeze by. I picture a cold, damp beach — not like a flat Florida beach, a very rocky, shitty beach. It’s a desolate, yet somehow gratifying, ride. The song starts pretty mellow but builds with echo, guitar, and noise until the waves peak. The comedown is quick and we’re left drenched in emotion and covered in sand.

dates — “I”

I best know Emily McGuire as one-third of the dream pop group Island Science, but she also produces under the name dates. “I” is her first mix, a 40-minute session beginning with Kathleen Hannah’s raw and remixed vocals. What follows is a mash of dance-provoking songs from the likes of Daft Punk, Patrick Hernandez, and Hot Chip. It even features McGuire’s own rework of Destiny’s Child’s “Bills, Bills, Bills.”

Expert Timing — 2016 Demos

I’m not sure if I like Jeff and Katrina Snyder more as an amazing couple or musical soulmates. Great people with great talents, they’ve started a new band together, Expert Timing. The two have released a couple of demos, and I couldn’t pick which one I wanted to feature, so you get both. “Speak” is heavy on Katrina’s vocals, “Nervous Wreck” on Jeff’s. Both have a similar feeling to the couple’s work in Living Decent, a feeling I enjoy feeling. I may sound strange saying it, but whenever I listen to The Snyders’ music I feel nostalgic. It has this moarnful longing to it that sticks with me.

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