Gary Lazer Eyes - Galapagos premiere

Gary Lazer Eyes – “Galapagos” (premiere)

We open with a high, wide shot of the Pacific Ocean. The water is a crystal clear blue-green, sun reflecting off its mirror-like surface. A lone speed boat enters stage left. The camera pans with the boat, revealing the seemingly-barren Galapagos Islands. What ensues next is a covert spy mission including shark-infested waters, invisible enemy bases, knife fights, and eventually, the capture and brutal killing of our heroes–a tragic tale as old as time.

This is my pitch for the music video for “Galapagos”–given that the band is willing to approve my $10 million budget. The band–and victims in the plotline above–I speak of is Orlando foursome Gary Lazer Eyes. On “Galapagos,” the boys strip away the majority of the reggae and ska influences that peppered their December 2015 EP, Black and White. However, they haven’t lost the sun-soaked feelings those genres produce, as this new song is still summer baked, albeit in a new way.

Gentlemen, I know the money I’m asking for may seem extravagant, but allow me to explain to you how my vision perfectly equates your song. First, the beaming guitars by Austin Young and Sean Gray bounce and illuminate off each other like the aqua waves I previously described. They bring the epic blockbuster excitement that “Galapagos” is built off of. Austin’s voice slides beneath them with the mystique that encapsulates the spy thriller genre. His words echo a confused relationship–I’m thinking a love interest who is revealed to be a double-agent. And lastly, we shoot it in The Galapagos (duh).

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