Swept, The Knick-Knacks, Dumberbunnies, & The Zigs

I’ve slept on Swept. It’s unfortunate because the boys are representing my hometown of Lakeland, FL and make some seriously weird lo-fi rock jamz. Joining them at Spacebar are Melbourne’s grade A band-of-choice The Knick-Knacks and two Orlando Frankenstein’s monsters Dumberbunnies (Transcendental Telecom, Butterqueen, & The Wooley Bushmen) and The Zigs (Zap Dragon & The Die Tryin’s). All the money made from ticket sales will go to the families of the victims of the Pulse Orlando tragedy. 

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Fundraiser for The Orlando Center

This shows the strength of Orlando. As soon as Whatever, Dudes Productions heard about the shooting, they sprung into action and organized a fundraiser at St. Matthew’s Tavern. Not only did they book a great show, these unionized punks also pulled many, many Florida businesses together for an auction to benefit The Orlando Center–Smartpunk, Park Ave CDs, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, and Shows I Go To to name a few. And this lineup! Rehaser’s first show since 2003. Teen Agers. Suck Brick Kid. Vicious Dreams. You’ll be surprised at how much healing happens in a mosh pit.

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Tiger Fawn & Wounded Shadow

Tiger Fawn’s eccentric loops and booty shakin’ songs match her colorful personality and live performance–with actual booty shakin’. The Falcon has long been her perch and every time she plays there, people go wild. I’ve been on tour with this animal. I’ve made music videos with this animal. I know her. She’s untamed. With her is Wounded Shadow, whom I know nothing about. But with that TF co-sign, it’s going to be good. This is a free show but TF will be taking donations to benefit The Orlando Center

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Duo or Do Not

One92 is a news and culture website that covers Kissimmee happenings. They’ve been big supporters of TVW and kick so much ass at what they do. This Friday, they’re coming to Orlando to take over Uncle Lou’s with a bunch of magnificent twos (two-pieces). I’m talkin’ The Dull Blades, In Decatur, The Death Tremors, and Disasteroids. The show is free, but they will be taking donations for these buttons. Proceeds go to “the victims and medical professionals who are currently dealing with this crisis.”

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Thrash Life

Now, I suck at skateboarding so there is no chance that I will be participating in the game of skate happening in The Milk District at 5 p.m. But I will be participating in the dancing that will occurring in Sandwich Bar and Spacebar starting at 10. In between those two happenings, you can check out some vendors (Retro Neon Records, Plus Skateshop, Vita Luna Cafe, etc.). Everything is being put on by some lovely people, East Coast Plumbing, who will be taking donations. Vita Luna is also donating 100% of their profits. This is amazing!

fiona trapple
native feel
alex clements (tmd)
allen clark (tmd)
harryson thevenin (tmd/ retro neon)
farewell set by jai biotic

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BT Three Year Anniversary 

Body//Talk will keep dancing. Orlando will keep dancing. Because that’s what we do. We are not afraid. So come dance. Dance with Jacksonville’s queer electronic band, TOMBOI. Dance with the indie rock bliss that is Boxing At The Zoo. Dance all over The Milk District. B//T are dancing with purpose. And they refuse to stop.

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