FayRoy Life and Death video

FayRoy Splash into the Void in “Life and Death” (video premiere)

FayRoy, the beach goth child of Zack Hoag and Kyle Fournier, derive their namesake from an old cottage just west of Tampa on Indian Rocks Beach. Zack describes it as “a decaying beach house from the 1930s that has gone through countless hurricanes and salty beatings, but remains standing with its vibrant key west colors.” They return to that very beach in the video for “Life and Death” (directed by Michael Joseph Azcui) not to enjoy the sun, but to bathe in the black waves of the unknown. Enjoy.

From its first listen, “Life and Death” seemed destined for a visual compliment. The song itself is inspired by the vivid memory of when these young musicians witnessed the shooting of an even younger boy. FayRoy sees death as an inevitable accompaniment to life, “It’s alright. You’re fine. We’re here.” Their instruments also stare into the black void, the unnerving guitars reminiscent of an episode of The Twilight Zone. 

As is the every encroaching touch of death, the visuals are eerie and vague in nature. Single lights partially illuminate figures standing in the dark ocean. Shadowy hands follow beach-goers across the sand. Zack flees an unknown threat before being pulled into a black van. These hauntingly beautiful shots are layered over one another, making the darkness even darker and the bright lights even brighter.

“Life and Death” is off FayRoy’s upcoming album Heaven at 27, out this October. They want to give a shout out to their friends who helped out on the beach that night: Ali Potier, Dan Graves, Steve Bradford, Austen Kugler, Amanda Lindsay, Mari Sabra, and Leah Weiler.

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