Maximino – “Lady in the Water” (video + live photos)

In 2006, M. Night Shyamalan spent $70 million on his 7th cinematic mistake (I’ll give him The Sixth Sense) and tainted the careers of Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard. Of Shyamalan’s role in the film, The Observer film critic Mark Kermode said, “It’s like someone pouring petrol over their heads and setting fire to themselves.”

Fast forward 10 years, ORL’s one-man musical machine Maximino cuts the aforementioned movie down to a two-minute video for the Maxi Mixtape vol. 1 track of the same name. Maxi’s gentle voice and delicate guitar lines smooth the clunky fantasy thriller into an erotic masterpiece, shimmering in aqua blue. Although he only sings two different lines throughout the song, the delivery makes the video for “Lady in the Water” Oscar-bait for sure.

Peek below the video for photos from Maximino’s recent performance at the now legendary Ugly Orange X Always Nothing house show.







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