Ark Calkins Reformat Video Orlando

Ark Calkins – “Reformat” (video by Russell Parker)

I’ve been a bit bitter since pysch artist Ark Calkins moved from Orlando to Phoenix. See, being an only child I don’t like when something I love is taken from me–in this case Ark’s transcendental live performance. And although the music ethos hasn’t been the same without this creative force, Arkie’s ring of influence is still being felt. He, along with the equally brilliant Winter Calkins, combined live music and art installations into one-of-a-kind events. A show was never just a show. Other ORL eccentrics like Always Nothing, TMD, and Ugly Orange and me have booked with the same purpose.

Ark has stayed busy since the move. In July he put out [1] Unsure and Incomplete, a four-song EP recorded in one take. He described the rawness as, “as naked an Ark release as they come.” Recently, the glitchy painter has been previewing songs from his next LP Background Emotions. The latest is the surreal video for “Reformat.” Directed by Orlando animator, videographer, and songwriter Russell Parker (Harsh Radish), the animation is a barrage of stimuli; black-and-white monstrosities dance around computer generated hell, and bright patterns and landscapes fly at us constantly.

The song itself comments on the data purgatory where we all exist. We are “information slaves in the information age.” Ark includes himself, going so far as to needing to reboot his brain. As it updates, he signals his change over static-y guitar. “Reformat, reformat, reformat, reformat.”

[read our interview with ark.]

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