Zap Dragon Tropical Depression

Zap Dragon – “Unwritten Rules” (premiere)

Orlando four-piece Zap Dragon are an unassuming band. The members themselves are very down-to-earth guys; good friends who just enjoy playing music together. They wear t-shirts, baseball caps, and shorts on stage. Frills and gimmicks aren’t their things. Some would say that they play equally straightforward rock music. The unassuming part is how well these “straightforward” songs are crafted.

Allow me to awkwardly segway “Unwritten Rules” — their latest preview of Tropical Depression, out October 1 — to make my point. The song’s instrumentation is tight. Everything has its purpose and there’s no unnecessary fat — a theme with Zap Dragon. But this allows the harlequin voice of David Zimlinghaus space to dance about. We can really appreciate the interesting things he’s saying and the interesting ways he’s saying them. His charismatic yelps are often joined by co-vocalist Jordan Schneider in sweet melodies.

Zap Dragon’s lyrics are full of just as much character. “Unwritten Rules” covers both personal and political hypocrisy. Zimlinghaus points the finger at himself just as much as he does the “absent president.” And he does so, as always, in a sarcastic manner. “Unwritten rules, someone should write them down.” Zap Dragon are throwing a release party for Tropical Depression, October 1 at Will’s Pub with Transcendental Telecom, The Wooly Bushmen, and Really Fast Horses. Catch the sarcasm live!

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