Quelliott Seamripper

Quelliott – “Seamripper”

Do you know the feeling of being so tightly wound by stress and worry that the smallest added struggle will snap you in two? Of course, you do. It’s a pretty common occurrence in the lives of most adults I know, young and old. For us–I’m speaking of post-college millennials finding their way into full-blown adulthood–this unwavering juggling act of your own life can be shocking. The clear passage of higher education is over. What happens next? Will we haze, constantly wandering?

This is the sort of  strife I hear on Savannah-based, Orlando-born singer-songwriter Elliott Lane’s debut single. Released under the pseudonym Quelliott, “Seamripper” is his lo-fi dump of internal feelings. A bassy voice begins over the purely acoustic music: “started off in the way of myself.” He goes on to paint a picture of shirts and ladders, getting hung-up on the way down. Instead of ascending to adult life, he is descending into it. It’s “darkness” and “terror.” This weight may be too much for him to bare.

one seam could honestly be it.

Once Quel utters this line, the song shoots into its next gear. Layered acoustic lines raise his pitch for the second verse, not his spirits. “My shoes fit snug on my feet. I feel cold snug on my fingers.” The songs overall tone can be seen in the cover art for Quelliott’s recently released album, MorningThe title is written over and over, and as we get down the page the repeated word begins to contort into nothing but frustrated squiggles. Morning after morning it gets worse.

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