9 thoughts on “Orlando Music Blog & Zine

  1. Hi Matthew, you sure know a lot about music! Thanks for visiting our blog and for following. I hope you enjoy the stories of our never-ending journey.

  2. Hey fella,
    Thanks for dropping by my book blog, (i guess you found me through my Nick Hornby blogs? Or a side love of music?), and since music is my joint favourite thing in the world, (along with books, and probably soccer, too), i’m now following you, too!

    One recommendation for music to listen to, if you have any interest in Spanish, is Los Campos Magneticos: they are three singers from three popular Argentinian indie/pop bands who discovered they all had a love of The Magnetic Fields: they got permission to re-record a bunch of the original tracks, translated into Spanish, and with references translated from New York to Buenos Aires…I love their stuff, harmonies and merry-go-round instrument swapping, even more than the quirky originals. You can find some of their stuff on youtube, here’s one to give you a taste:


  3. Check out Haves & Thirds from Tampa. Great album on Hot Releases. Like Slowdive mixed with Miami bass.

  4. I am a young rapper from Madison, WI and I will be performing in Jacksonville, Florida at the Coast2Coast live artist showcase! Im trying to get my name out there and spread my following to Florida. So if you could post something about it that would be greatly appreciated!

    link to my music:

    location: Jack Rabbits – 1528 Hendricks Ave Jacksonville, FL 32207
    time: 9pm 6-21-2017

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