My Portfolio. Enjoy.

The Vinyl Warhol: Greatest Hits

The music blog you see before you, built to share music of all genres and popularity levels, particularly musicians from my Orlando area. Here are just a few of my favorite pieces, many of which involve looking at music through a cultural lens.

port rockport beyonce
port throw that
port blew it


Noisy Ghost PR

Artist Bios I wrote while working for Noisy Ghost PR, sister promotion company of Graveface Records. In preparation, I would often interview the artists and thoroughly listen to their music, so my writing could capture the true essence of their art.

port cancersport night school


Midflorida Credit Union: RT4T

In 2012-2013, I worked as spokesman for Midflorida Credit Union’s Rated T 4 Teen program. While there, I wrote blog and social media posts, organized and attended RT4T events in the Lakeland, Fl community, and created new ways to push the RT4T brand.

port rt4tport rt4t2


Professional Resume

port resume

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